Women Protection


Campaign ‘Protection with Dignity’

Dastak launched a campaign “Protection with Dignity” in 2010 as part of its activities to eliminate violence against women. The main objectives of this campaign include the universal adoption of practices that respect women’s right to dignity and the elimination of practices that taint the existing protection system. To promote the campaign, Dastak has been carrying out a series of programs to enhance public awareness and sensitivity to the issue of protection and support for women who have to seek shelter because of violence or threat of violence.

The campaign is now joined by leading women’s rights and human rights groups in the country. The activities planned in connection with this campaign are public seminars in different cities to build public awareness and opinion on the issues. Public events carried out so far have significantly affected public perceptions of women’s protection and have successfully spotlighted the role of shelters in this context. Dastak has conducted public seminars in all four provinces independently and collaboration with universities and local NGOs.

Capacity Building Programs

Dastak has been running a comprehensive capacity building program since 2009 to build trained human resource in the area of women and child protection. On average Dastak trains 200-300 individual every year. The trainee profile mainly comprises of staff of government and private shelter homes for women, lawyers, women rights activists, NGO and community workers, and local government officials.

For information about our upcoming trainings please see our events section or email us.

Community Awareness and Sensitization Program

Dastak started this program in 2010 with the aim to transform the external environment by gradually eliminating social attitudes, cultural practices, and religious mindsets that give impetus to violence against women and harden community resistance to change. It also expands awareness on existing protection mechanisms which can be used to escape and overcome abusive or discriminatory situations.

Expert community speakers hold regular session with different communities which are carefully selected after a comprehensive pre-evaluation and appraisal process. Topics are women’s rights in the context of the family and the community, and the role of the community with regard to social justice within the family. The aim, in addition to sensitization and education, is also to explore possibilities for the rehabilitation of women who seek protection from violence at shelters homes (who cannot return to their own families) in those communities.

If you belong to or work in any community where you feel such awareness sessions should be conducted, please let us know.

A Visualization of our Efforts