Right to Participation

Recognizing Children’s Right to Participation

Children Association Membership Drive 2018

Lahore: As part of its Children’s Right to Participation and Association (CRPDA) program, CRU formed the Children’s Association in 2003, a first of its kind initiative to give recognition to children’s right to participation. The objective of the Association is to create a platform for children’s voices to promote their rights, build their capacities as advocates and defenders of human rights and secure their interest in national planning and policy-making. Children in institutions are also specifically included to give them leadership role in the wider platform for children’s rights. Over a thousand children have been members of the Association since its inception.

Dastak CRU revived the Children Association (CA) in 2018 with a new group of children. It launched a membership drive from schools in Lahore in October and intends to gradually expand it to other cities in Punjab and other provinces.

A series of activities are conducted with the members during their membership period to educate them about their rights and they will design and lead different rights-based campaigns in their schools and communities.

Some activities planned for 2018:

  • Workshops on Children’s Rights
  • Environment campaign where children will develop projects aimed towards claiming their right to a clean and healthy environment
  • Universal Children’s Day event in Lahore in November 2018 where members will have the opportunity to share their campaign work and talents with a diverse audience.

Member Schools: 

Bali Memorial Technical and Secondary School
Lahore Education Society School
Najaf Grammar School
SOS Hermann Gmeiner School