Publications – Women Protection


Resettlement Policy and Practical Guidelines to Assist Women in Shelter Homes (2012)

There is a strong need to concentrate on resettlement and rehabilitation initiatives for women survivors of gender based violence. Shelter homes emerge as one of the main duty bearers for taking resettlement initiatives for such women as most often victims seek refuge in shelters. These policy guidelines have been developed by Dastak with a view to assist shelter homes staff to create suitable care and rehabilitation plans for resident women. These guidelines have been prepared in recognition of the fact that in majority shelter homes in Pakistan, movement of the residents is fairly restricted. Standardized guidelines have been developed which hold relevance and are applicable to all shelter homes with or without freedom of movement.

Manual on Counseling and Mediation (Guidelines for Recovery, Rehabilitation, and Resettlement displaced as a result of Gender Based Violence) (2012)

Dastak Charitable Trust has created mediation and counseling guidelines for the staff of both private and government run shelter homes, crises centers, and other professionals who directly assist women suffering from hardships and tribulations. While most women protection agencies are using mediation and counseling as strategies to address the needs of women who have been displaced due to gender based violence, they seldom possess complete knowledge of how to make effective interventions. This manual has been prepared with a view to address this gap by providing a holistic and comprehensive set of guidelines that help women transition from a state of distress to relief.

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