Community Awareness Program in Talwandi, Kasur.

A community awareness program was conducted in a small town of Talwandi in District Kasur on July 19, 2018. This program was attended by 65 men and women. The session was focused on child marriages – to understand the community’s perception towards this practice and to share information on how this practice is harmful for the wellbeing of their community.
It was observed that the community members did not consider this practice to be harmful and held the opinion that girls should be married off at the early age. A few teachers who were present in the audience, however, differed from the
general opinion and strongly stated that families should consider girls a burden or symbol of family honor and they should at least be allowed them to reach adulthood before they enter into a marriage.
Pamphlets and booklets on child marriages were distributed amongst the participants.
Dastak CRU will be continuing its efforts in this community and holding its next session in the same community.