Child Protection Agenda – Follow-Up Meetings Parliamentarians Briefing

February 01, 2019: Dastak CRU convened a parliamentarians briefing to discuss and follow up on the status of child protection legislative agenda. The objective was to bring together a group of newly sworn in national and provincial parliamentarians and Child Rights Movement (CRM) members to discuss pertinent issues related to child protection with particular focus on child marriages and child domestic labor.

At the consultation, the present situation of child protection in Punjab and Islamabad was discussed and the parliamentarians’ attention was drawn to urgent interventions necessary to enhance protection of children from violence and exploitation. Different ways were also explored through which CRU and other members of CRM can support the government in strengthening the protection systems. The parliamentarians also shared information about new laws and amendments in the existing laws on child protection that were in the pipeline.

All the parliamentarians in attendance showed serious commitment and political will to the address the issues raised in the meeting. Dastak CRU along with other CRM members will be working closely with the parliamentarians to benefit from their renewed and fresh resolve to improve the legal framework on child protection and ensure child rights remains a top priority in the government’s agenda.

The meeting was attended by the following 12 parliamentarians:

  1. Mehnaz Akbar Aziz (MNA)
  2. Tahia Noon (MPA)
  3. Mehwish Sultana (MPA)
  4. Bushra Butt (MPA)
  5. Sumbal Malik (MPA)
  6. Nafisa Amin (MPA)
  7. Rana Mannan Khan (MPA)
  8. Sadia Rohail Rana (MPA)
  9. Shamsa Ali (MPA)
  10. Sadiqa Sahibdad Khan (MPA)
  11. Uzma Kardar (MPA)
  12. Talath Naqvi (MPA)

Detailed report of the meeting will be uploaded shortly.