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Compilation of Case Law on the Juvenile Justice Ordinance 2000

Juvenile Justice Ordinance 2000 is the only federal law promulgated in Pakistan for the protection of the rights of children involved in criminal justice process. The law prohibits awarding death sentence to juveniles, provides for special criteria to be applied in deciding bail for juveniles, establishes separate juvenile courts for their trials and creates Borstal Institutions for the reform and rehabilitation of convicted juveniles.

In order to provide easy access to cases decided under JJSO and to promote the general understanding of the law. Child Rights Unit has compiled the superior court judgments on cases under the Juvenile Justice Ordinance 2000 till 2010. This law digest will serve as ready source of information for lawyers providing legal assistance to children in prisons and for activists engaged in advocacy on issues of juvenile justice. It can also be useful reference material for students and law academia.

CRU will be releasing an updated version of the law digest very soon.

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